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Hancock Springs Free Flow Swimming Pool

Lampasas, Texas

Hancock Spring Fed Pool
Hancock Spring Fed Pool

When I was about 11 or 12 years old I took my last dip in the icy waters of the Hancock spring fed pool in Lampasas, Texas. The water was so cold that you could hardly get used to it, but in a day when air

conditioning was not as common as it is today it was a great refreshment. I was not the first to enjoy these waters. This pool was already 50 years old when I took my first plunge.

Anglos discovered the springs in the area in the 1870's and quickly realized the supposed health benefits of the mineral waters. In 1883 a bath house was constructed at

Hancock springs on Sulphur Creek. You can still see the ruins of this structure. In 1911 Hancock pool was constructed and has been in operation ever since.

Hancock Spring Fed Pool still enjoyed by all after 100 years
Hancock Spring Fed Pool still enjoyed by all after 100 years

When I decide to take a trip to Lampasas my primary goal was to take a dip in this pool. I thought I might recapture a piece of my youth since it had been 50 years since I disturb the sulphur laden waters. I also thought that I may even partake of its curative properties. It has been my belief that there are two water sources in Texas that have the most medicinal power. The sulphur waters of Hancock Springs and a water source less know for it curative properties, the Pecos River. (Pecos river water is so hard you can scoop it up with a screen door.)

I must confess that when I gently lowered myself into the waters of Hancock Springs the water was not as cold to a big old guy like me as it was to a skinny 11 year old 50 years ago.; What about the curative properties of the water?; I entered the water three times and each time I came out better for it.;

The very act of reliving people, places and things from the past has always been an uplifting experience for me.;Many of the people from my past are no longer with us and many places from my past have been torn down and paved over.; So when I find a jewel like this has been preserved I want to go there and I want to share it with you.

Texas Bob in the pool 50 years later
Texas Bob in the pool 50 years later


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