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Medina's El Milagro Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Lampasas, Texas

El Milagros Mexican Restaurant
Medina's El Milagro Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
El Milagros Dining Room - Uncluttered and functional
El Milagros Dining Room - Uncluttered and functional
Medina's Special - 3 Enchiladas, 1 Taco, Spanish Rice, Refried beans & Salad with Guacamole.  Ice Tea (Unsweetened)
Medina's Special

Mexican food, Tex-Mex to be specific, varies from place to place, even in Texas.; In my life time I've seen onions, once sprinkledmap link generously over the top of everything, all but disappear.; Now Tex-Mex; food consist of everything from cilantro to fish tacos and anything else that sells to the urban cowboy.;

Once I was is in a "big city" Tex Mex Restaurant, owned by some Greek brothers, when the wait staff person ask me, "Sir, would you like green chilies or red chilies?"; I could not believe my ears!; I promptly told him I would have neither, every Texan knows that chili is brown!

Medina's El Milagro Mexican Restaurant & Cantina has been in Lampasas since 1980.; The first 30 years El Milagros was located downtown but in 2010 the restaurant relocated to South Highway 281. (click on Map Link) The location has changed but the same people own the restaurant and the food is the same.; In 1980 it was good and in 2011, in a different location, it is still good.

I ordered a "Medina's Special" with 3 Beef Enchiladas, 1 Taco, Spanish Rice, Refried beans & Salad with Guacamole.; Ice Tea (Unsweetened).; My wife ordered something a little different but with Cheese Enchiladas.

The food came out of the kitchen in a hurry and the plate was very hot.; It is not a good sign when Tex-Mex food comes out on anything less than a HOT plate.;;

The enchiladas were very good and prepared just the way they should be.; If you get the enchiladas right the rest just falls into place, and it did, it was good.; The Guacamole was real, do I need to say more?

There is one thing that I have not mentioned that is very important.; That is chips and salsa.; You can almost judge the entire Tex-Mex menu of a restaurant by this often overlooked item.; You want the chips to be fresh and made on location, but not greasy.; The salsa should spicy but not too spicy, if it taste like it would feel at home in an Italian dish then that where it should be, not served with Tex-Mex food.;

Medina's El Milagro Mexican Restaurant passed the chip and salsa test a few minutes after I walked in the door.;

The service was friendly and fast.;

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